Student Council

Overview of the Student Council

The Academy helps students learn how to handle leadership roles and gives them influence over policies. For this reason, The Academy lets students create a council. Students can hold various positions, providing them with experience in handling responsibilities and working with others. In addition to their duties, most students also have voting powers.

A student council is made up of a group of elected and volunteer students who collaborate with an adult advisor within the confines of a structure or set of rules to offer a platform for student expression and assistance in school matters and activities, provide opportunities for student leadership experience, and promote relationships between students, faculty, and the community.

Student councils pursue the following goals through projects and activities:

  • The Student Council’s official representation of all of the academy’s students.
  • Locating and helping students with issues they have at the school.
  • Expressing its thoughts to the school administration on any issue that affects students and that it wishes to be consulted on.
  • To encourage and promote student involvement in planning school events.