The Academy School System

The Academy began its journey in 2009. In line with its dedication to providing high-quality education, The Academy’s management wished to extend this excellence to the primary and secondary education levels.
The Academy now has six well-established campuses across the country after seeing phenomenal expansion in recent years. It has exceeded expectations in terms of distinguishing itself and offering top-notch education. The Academy continues to uphold the highest standards, and its emphasis on learning outside of the classroom makes it stand out from other modern schooling systems.

Early Years Education

O levels


The mission of The Academy is to promote learning, equip students with perceptual skills, and ignite an attitude of learning and inquiry through stimulating academic study, creativity, and independent thought. It seeks to create a challenging learning environment and to provide innovative resources that encourage a culture of high expectations, where each individual will feel valued, grow in inspiration, tenacity, and ambition, and form long-lasting bonds with their peers, teachers, mentors, families, and society. The Academy aims to generate an ambiance of mutual collaboration with an appreciation for individual differences and community values.

Our Vision

The Academy School gives students the skills and knowledge they need to flourish in a rapidly changing world and take on responsibilities as productive members of society. We’ll take steps to ensure that our students acquire the abilities and knowledge that a strong liberal arts education provides, as well as the abilities required for achievement and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We’ll also take the lead in creating the theoretical and practical knowledge required for individuals to better understand the world and strengthen local and international communities.

The Academy was established on the principle that every graduate will have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, reflect insight, and exhibit real respect for everyone, regardless of gender, caste, creed, or race.