The Academy prides itself on delivering excellence in education and is one of the leading institutes in Pakistan with respect to O levels. Since its affiliation with Cambridge in 2015, The Academy has dedicated itself to providing its students a world class learning environment with the most prominent faculty to guide them so that they can focus on achieving the best possible academic result in CAIE.

The O level curriculum at The Academy offers the students a wide variety of subjects and disciplines along with combinations of Science, Biology and Commerce with electives likes Sociology, Environmental Management, Additional Mathematics and English Literature.

Our students are our pride and by the time they graduate we expect them not only to excel in the field of academics but be confident in their abilities, be leaders and strive for a brighter future.

During the final years of their school life the Academians are facilitated by a team of Counselors to guide and facilitate with their selection of colleges; both national and international. While Grade VIII students are offered Career Guidance sessions to help select the best stream for their future.