Elocution Competitions

Elocution Competitions

An elocution competition at The Academy is the art of public speaking that gives our students the self-confidence and courage to speak in front of a large audience. It enables our children to create a connection with the audience that is listening to them through voice modulation. When the child is reciting, speaking, or debating, he or she brims with boundless energy and resilience.

The bond between teacher and student is evident in the elocution competition at The Academy, as the teachers guide the students from choosing the topic to helping them practice it multiple times. It can be challenging for introverted students who have never experienced public speaking, but the teacher or mentor resolves that and brings out the best in them.

Importance of elocution competitions at The Academy

Why does the Academy give importance to an elocution competition? There is no challenge that your students cannot overcome! With training, guidance, support, and compassion from their teacher, the students are bound to win. The elocution in Urdu and English helps our students to:

transform hardships into opportunities
tap into and transform their inner selves.
improve their communication skills.
encourage them to use the right words in sentences and improve their grammar.
boost confidence to win.
bring out the love of writing and reading.
Add expressions to dialogues.