The Academy – School System

The Academy a manifestation of the vision of Iqra University’s Faculty of Education, started its journey in 2009. The management of Iqra University, in keeping with their commitment to imparting quality education, wanted to bring this excellence to the elementary and high secondary levels; thus, The Academy.

In this short time period, The Academy has grown phenomenally, with eight well-established campuses across the city, The Academy has lived up to its expectations of differentiating itself and provides education par-excellence. The Academy’s standards remain impeccable and the focus on learning beyond classrooms makes it stand out from other contemporary schooling systems.

The Academy is a purpose built project, recognized for its learner centered classroom settings embedded in a modern learning backdrop. This holistic education base cultivates the moral, psychological and physical dimensions of the learners, facilitating them in expressing and reinventing themselves. The Academy fosters on a global humanistic identity, vital in today’s rapidly transforming socio-cultural world.Within half a decade, The Academy has succeeded in creating a learning subset that goes beyond conventional teaching, instituting continuous professional development programs, parallel workshops for parents, and outreach operations through ‘institutionalizing’ contacts. Thus, continuing Iqra University’s tradition of excellence in education, we at The Academy continue to pursue higher standards, with an emphasis on fostering independence and creativity of the learner, while consistently endeavoring to transform and adapt new initiatives of academic distinction.