Where Curiosity Leads to Discovery

Primary (I-V)

The Academy’s curriculum meets societal and international needs by promoting knowledge, skills, values, and cultural awareness, taught entirely in English except for language classes. We view primary school as an opportunity for experiential learning, developing cognitive, social, and physical skills. Students explore subjects like music, digital learning, creativity, languages, math, arts, science, and environmental studies. This approach fosters curiosity and early learning, ensuring confident transitions to middle school and beyond.


Our strong co-curricular programs foster lifelong learners who can solve problems analytically, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and act ethically.


For grades 1 to 3, there are no formal exams; instead, teachers assess students through homework, assignments, and class projects. Formal assessments and exams are introduced in grade 4.

Drama Competition

Participating in drama competitions hones acting skills, creativity, and teamwork among our students, promoting self-expression and confidence on stage.

Science Exhibition

Participation in science exhibitions promotes inquiry-based learning, scientific reasoning, and presentation skills among our students, fostering curiosity and innovation.