Where Growth and Discovery Unite!

Middle School (VI-VIII)

Our middle school program includes the best aspects of teaching and learning and is designed with CAIE expectations in mind. We are committed to embracing the cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities of the CAIE curriculum.

Our curriculum for grades 6 to 8 is focused on the holistic development of our students. The students also take classes in digital learning, where they gain 21st-century skills in addition to the core curriculum. Through comprehensive academic programs along with co- and extracurricular activities, The Academy’s middle school fosters holistic development and growth, assisting students in laying a solid foundation for a successful future.

The Academy Middle School strikes the perfect balance between a rigorous curriculum and a vast extracurricular program. The aim of middle schools is to prepare our students for O Level, university, and beyond.

Scrabble & Chess Competition

Participation in Scrabble and Chess competitions sharpens strategic thinking, concentration, and sportsmanship among our students, fostering intellectual growth and friendly competition.

Earth Day Projects

Our students develop environmental awareness, digital literacy, and creativity through Earth Day projects and digital activities, advocating for sustainable practices and technological innovation.