Unfolding Creative Minds

Creative minds fb post 2Plato’s notion on discovering the genius within each child is by directing children towards what amuses them and not make them learn by force.
At The Academy Educational Network, we firmly believe in letting the child be in charge of his or her own learning. The schools create opportunities where our students can exercise
their minds freely and explore their goals with open minds as well as creating an element of excitement for them. It helps to keep their interest intact to gain and exercise knowledge.

Having a firm belief in this approach, The Academy Teaching Learning Unit (TLU) is continuously implementing the national and international tools and practices to incorporate the best teaching and learning practices within the classrooms. Additionally, TLU works to ensure that the school heads, teachers and students, are provided with the best possible congenial environment towards learning within available resources and a pragmatic approach. TLU, as an ongoing process, focuses on the Continuous Professional Learning and Development of our teaching staff, to fully equip them to facilitate in their teaching methodologies. There are different activities which are part of the curriculum in order to ensure better understanding towards knowledge and its further use by our young ones in the day to day routine. In selecting and developing these activities, our Academic team ensures that the desired objectives are met through the best learning opportunities.

Curricular and co-curricular activities go side by side to ensure holistic development of a child. Therefore, at The Academy we ensure that all our students participate and take equal interest in sports and other co-curricular activities. This provides opportunities for children to develop sportsmanship spirit, confidence and become all rounded personalities.

The Academy goes an extra mile to support each student and teacher in their holistic development and professional role. TLU extends the support to the student and teacher to help achieve their milestones and to achieve the goal to take the school to the zenith.


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