Exams time, hard time!

Exams are round the corner and during this time anxiety level of both parents and children maximizes. It is significant for parents to remain calm during this whole time because this ultimately will create a positive environment at home. Continue reading

I am gratified because I am a Teacher!

‘Being a teacher is a matter of heart’, it is a catch phrase used by a lot of individuals in the teaching profession but how many of us are actually putting our heart into it? Is teaching just a need or an option for you? Or does teaching actually means a lot more than just a profession to you?

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Unlocking Critical Thinking

ideasMartin Luther King identified teaching people to think intensively and critically as the main function of education. Schools today also focus on developing and enhancing students’ critical thinking skills. Parents can also help hone the children’s critical thinking skills through teaching them to question ideas and information. Continue reading

Unfolding Creative Minds

Creative minds fb post 2Plato’s notion on discovering the genius within each child is by directing children towards what amuses them and not make them learn by force.
At The Academy Educational Network, we firmly believe in letting the child be in charge of his or her own learning. The schools create opportunities where our students can exercise
their minds freely and explore their goals with open minds as well as creating an element of excitement for them. It helps to keep their interest intact to gain and exercise knowledge. Continue reading

Learning to read: Books and beyond!

Learning to read: Books and beyond!Dr. Mortimer Adler identified reading as a basic tool needed to lead a good life. Summer holidays provide parents with an opportunity to help their child acquire and practice the skill of reading proficiently. Reading is a crucial skill required not only for lifelong learning but one’s survival depends on it. Reading helps us in all walks of life, be it following directions for taking medication, trying a new recipe, following road signs, maps etc. Continue reading

Fostering learning through play

IMG_1891Albert Einstein termed play as the highest form of research. During play children go through a number of experiences and experiments. These interactions help in their cognitive development, social development, emotional development, language development, physical development, creativity and imagination. Continue reading