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The Academy started its journey in 2009. The management of The Academy, in keeping with their commitment to imparting quality education, wanted to bring this excellence to the elementary and higher secondary levels.

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    Holistic Learning

    Our students are our pride and by the time they graduate we expect them not only to excel in the field of academics but be confident in their abilities, be leaders and strive for a brighter future.

    ISA Award 2021-2024

    The International School Award (ISA) is an initiative of the British Council.

    In which participating schools connect with different schools nationally and internationally to achieve sustainable development goals. The purpose of this programme is to connect classrooms from all around the world to foster collaborative learning and core skills of students.

    This year there have been a total 48 winners of ISA among Sindh and Balochistan, in which The Academy is also one of the proud winners. We are the ISA winners from 2021-24 we owe this achievement to our school, leaders, educators and students

    Curriculum And Classes

    Our unique and integrated theme based early years curriculum instils the love of learning and awe in children. Our developmentally appropriate practices foster holistic development and play based learning keeps children engaged in the active learning process.

    There are no written exams in early years. We aim to make learning fun and stress free for children. Teachers keep a track of students learning through portfolios and ongoing observations. 

    Primary (I-V)

    In primary school students are introduced to variety of learning areas in Maths and Science. They acquire Urdu and English languages and apart from these they start learning Social Studies and Digital Literacy. Our students are also involved in Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Sports and Music. At the Academy, we believe in the holistic development of children and therefore we offer core values to our students through Leader in Me program.  The unique feature of our curriculum is the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time where every morning all the students and staff members are expected to read for 30 minutes.

    There are no formal exams in grades I and II. Students appear for the centralized assessments from grades III-VIII. In grades I and II students are involved in PBLs and class tests.

    Middle School (VI-VIII)

    We are a Cambridge school and follow the lower secondary curriculum for the grades VI-VIII.  Progression of subjects taught in these grades is planned considering the O levels curriculum and assessments. At the same time students are given ample of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities.  

    By the end of grade VIII, career counselling sessions are conducted for all the students to guide them towards the well-suited career path for them

    Leader in Me Program

    Leader in Me is a whole school transformation model to empower students with leadership skills to lead their own lives and make a difference with ours. The lessons and principles are not taught as a curriculum but instead become part of the school culture. 

    O Level Grade

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    Music is the key to the soul. It re-energizes the mind of a student and helps them refocus on their goal.

    Sports Day

    Sports brings positive energy, discipline, and other commendable qualities to your life.

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    To get admission in The Academy School is a simple process. You just need to fill the enrollment form which is given at the top for online registration.

    Yes, students can get admission at any point of time in the year subject to the availability of the batch.

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    Leader In Me Program

    The intellectual sessions focused on various paradigms, actions and consequences. The difference between leaders and every day personalities and how a simple shift in mentality can create havoc or achieve sustainability and peace.