Ms. Erum Lakhani

The Academy Educational Network

As the founder, I welcome you to The Academy Educational Network. Since its inception in 2010-11, The Academy has grown phenomenally. It is due to the diligence, hard-work and passion of our team and trust imposed upon us by our patrons; parents; who have shown immense faith on what we do here.

At The Academy, we ensure that learning never becomes difficult. We have contributed to the community through unique application of academic expertise within the educational realm. One of our over-arching aims is to liaise effectively with the community and promote excellence in the field of education.

In my role as President, I have the privilege of liaising with academic practitioners, policymakers and entrepreneurs. It is our shared desire to expand the school network through franchises and academic collaborations across the region and ultimately, beyond-borders. The indispensable components in delivering this pledge include teaching methodology, quality control and implementation of best practices.

The Academy is unique in its commitment to designing individualized education plans and produce compelling solutions suited to learners’ needs. It is, therefore, the goal of our educational network to provide a nurturing and vibrant environment for students and provide access to education to various segments of the society.