Pakistan Sweet Homes

The concept of Sweet Homes initiated with the belief to serve all orphans irrespective of their religious, ethnic, regional and cultural background. It was founded fifteen years ago when three parentless children were adopted as a part of a CSR project by the Iqra University. Today, the institution runs multiple projects under the Iqra Sweet Homes Trust that came into being in 2009. The overall aim of the organization is to provide a homelike environment for the orphans it has. Over time, the idea of “Sweet Homes” has grown into a larger platform. It caters twelve homeless kids in the Iqra Sweet Home at the moment and plans to take charge of a hundred kids in the near future as another CSR Project given by the Saudi Arabia Islamic organization.

This venture plans to extend its number to three-thousand children within a span of two years. For that, a new purpose-built building is constructed on 25 acres at the HUB, right in front of Hamdard University. This enormous structure has the capacity to accommodate such a huge number conveniently by providing a spacious and comfortable place to the children with rooms, gardens, schools, etc.

Mr. Shahid Malik, Managing Director, Hilton Pharma Ltd, Mr. and Mrs. Hunaid Lakhani, Mr. and Mrs. Muzafar Ali Shah Bukhari and Mr. S Zohaib Waqar serve as Trustees for the orphanage, while Mr. Hasmi obliges as the secretion of the board. These people possess a desire to be of help to the society and thus, they play their part to support humanity.