Mrs. Hamda Haque

The Academy Educational Network


Mrs. Hamda Haque was awarded the degrees of B.A, LL.B and M.A (Islamic Studies) by the Karachi University. She has taught Islamic Studies to the students of BBA program at the Iqra University
Mrs. Hamda Haque is associated with The Academy as a Principal.

She has 27 years of teaching experience. She started her career as an English Language teacher in 1987 and continued teaching in various renowned schools of Karachi.

She joined Army Public School in 1994, and began her O level teaching career in 1996 as an Islamic Studies faculty. In 2001 Mrs. Haque joined Karachi Grammar School as the Head of Islamic Studies Department. Karachi Grammar School is the oldest in Pakistan and the second oldest in South Asia. It is a highly selective co- educational school. In 2005 she was offered another position in the capacity of a Year Head which is an important part of the educational leadership team and provides valuable assistance to students. She has worked with Book Mark Publishers as a Project Consultant for O Level Islamiyat course book.

As a leader, it is her vocation to ensure that every faculty member is supported and encouraged to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence.
To help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal, social development and ensuring that they become the productive and well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.