Ms. Shehla Naz

  • Branch Head F.B.Area Campus
  • Bachelors in Arts, Karachi University.
  • Bachelors in Education, Government College of Education (in process)

She has 17 years of experience in teaching all three levels of early years Education in Beaconhouse School system.
She has worked as a Senior Mistress in the Beaconhouse School system and The City School for four years.

Professional Training:

  • CIPSE – Certification in professional Studies in Education affiliated from Bradford University, England.
  • Attended workshops on change management.
  • Workshops conducted on Phonics on Phonemes.
  • Attended SPELT Conference.
  • Conducted workshops on lesson planning, evaluation, storytelling, time management, etc.
  • Attended and then conducted ELD (English Language Development) workshops for Beaconhouse staff.
  • Attended Workshops on Pastoral care.
  • Attended workshops on ECE (Early childhood Education).
  • Attended nine days course of DEP (Developing Early Years Professionals).