Event Calendar

Events Calendar
July 2019 – June 2020Ear
S.No Day Date Event Grades
1 Tuesday 16-July-19 SSchool re-opens Primary/Secondary
Cycle 1- Day 1
Early Years-XI
2 Monday 22-July-19 Health Week and healthy breakfast day Early Years
3 Friday 16-Aug-19 Independence Day Grand Celebration in all the campuses All
4 Thursday 22-Aug-19 Field trip or visit to super market Early Years
5 Friday 23-Aug-19 Students’ Council Oath taking ceremony
6 Friday 13-Sept-19 Intra-branch debate and elocution competition III-IV-V, VI-VIII
7 Monday 16-Sept-19 Green week Early Years
8 Date to be announced Date to be announced International Kangaroo Science Contest I-VIII
9 Thursday 19-Sept-19 1st Bi-monthly assessments III-VIII
10 Wednesday 2-Oct-19 Inter-branch English and Urdu spelling Bee Competition I-III
11 Friday 4-Oct-19 Teachers’ day Celebration All Grades
12 Saturday 5-Oct-19 Parent Teacher Conference All Grades
13 Friday 18-Oct-19 Pet day Early Years
14 Thursday 7-Nov-19 Inter-branch debate and elocution competition IV-VIII
15 Date to be announced Date to be announced IKLC I-VIII
16 Friday 29-Nov-19 Visit from professionals Early Years
17 Monday 9-Dec-19 Mid-term exams III onwards
18 Friday 20-Dec-19 Grand parents’ day Early Years
19 Friday 20-Dec-19 Book Battle Orientation IV-VIII
20 Saturday 4-Jan-20 Result day Early Years-VIII
21 Monday 13-Jan-20 Read-a-thon begins I-III
22 Friday 17-Jan-20 Art Splash day Early Years
23 Friday 31-Jan-20 Intra Branch Book Battle IV-VIII
24 Thursday 13-Feb-20 Read-a-thon concludes I-III
25 Saturday 15-Feb-20 Grand sports day PreNursery-VIII
26 Monday 24-Feb-20 2nd Bi-monthly assessment III-VIII
27 Friday 28-Feb-20 Road safety day Early Years
28 Saturday 14-March-20 Parent Teacher Conference Early Years-VIII
29 Thursday 19-March-20 Inter Branch Book Battle and Robotics competition IV-VIII
(VIII only for Robotics)
30 Date to be announced Date to be announced IKMC I-VIII
31 Tuesday 7-April-20 The Academy Foundation day Celebration
32 Friday 17-April-20 International Earth Day celebration with cultural diversity Early Years-II
33 Monday 27-April-20 Final Exams III-VIII
34 Thursday 14-May-20 KG Graduation
35 Tuesday 2-June-20 Result day Pre-Nursery-III
36 Wednesday 3-June-20 Result day IV-VIII