I am gratified because I am a Teacher!

‘Being a teacher is a matter of heart’, it is a catch phrase used by a lot of individuals in the teaching profession but how many of us are actually putting our heart into it? Is teaching just a need or an option for you? Or does teaching actually means a lot more than just a profession to you?

We all have studied about the role and responsibilities of an ideal teacher over and over again. We are aware that the role of teachers may vary among cultures but there are few similarities among the teachers all around the world. Not to forget in some cultures it is a scared and noble profession.


The skill of teaching is an inbuilt skill among humans. We naturally help each other to acquire knowledge in certain areas. Guiding a colleague in using a simple computer app, showing a perfect technique of making or serving smoked chicken or even helping someone in making a simple paper airplane. Many institutions train teachers for specific areas related to early year’s education, primary or secondary education, language education or a variety of vocational training programs but what these institutions can never teach us is how to feel responsible towards teaching from our heart.


“A teacher doesn’t only prepare students for a specific subject but for life itself. Whatever they learn from the teacher eventually helps them to lead a better life.”websitequote>

You will come across a lot of people who will proudly tell you that they are a doctor, engineer, financial adviser at a multinational firm, president of a business network but make sure that when you tell them that you are a teacher, you should feel a power inside you that will make you confident and proud at the same time.

The next time someone says teaching is simple and something easy to do, stop for a while, smile, look straight in their eyes and tell them that being a teacher is no easier than being a surgeon. A surgeon is required to know its patients, learn about their mental, physical and emotional history and come up with the best possible solution to help the patient live a healthy life ahead. A teacher on the other hand is handling an equally difficult task because in teaching you are required to train your brain to focus on multiple things and whole lot of students at the same time. You need to observe them closely, make sure you know their complete profile, be aware of their learning needs and cater to them individually.


You need to keep yourself up to date, be aware of every new research, every new study and keep going to give a life that they are proud of to a lot of people who will tomorrow turn out to be the leaders. You need to remember your worth, you know that with great power comes great responsibility and that you adhere to being the awesome individual that you are. Make sure you don’t feel guilty while saying that you are a teacher because you failed to serve the purpose of teaching. Just like any other profession teaching requires eagerness to adopt new methodologies, constant learning and self-grooming. Teachers need to re-focus their curiosity respective to their forte and do their best to bring a positive change in the lives of their students.

We at The Academy firmly believe that in order to improve, one must constantly strive to be better. In this fast moving world where internet researches, webinars and a great lot of reading material is easily accessible to us. Make most of it. Professional development helps in becoming progressive thinkers and assists in changing mindsets.

Here are some of the pointers that each person belonging to teaching profession can apply and witness the best possible results:


    • Teaching does not only involve covering the curriculum and explaining everything to the students, it involves changing yourself and changing the society. It involves educating the individuals with the collaboration of parents and fellow workers.
    • Igniting the investigation, generating curiosity will continue to foster deeper understanding of the world resulting in the form of informed learners and thinkers.
    • Teaching doesn’t just involve organizing or providing opportunities for learning but it requires strong collaboration and stimulation.
    • Being aware of the profile of students, can assist you in catering to his/her different learning and emotional needs.
    • Learning and knowing everything doesn’t work until you believe in it, implement it and reflect upon it.

You are the most powerful person on the face of this earth as you are shaping the future minds, so be grateful and a mindful teacher!
Happy Teaching!

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