Exams time, hard time!

Exams are round the corner and during this time anxiety level of both parents and children maximizes. It is significant for parents to remain calm during this whole time because this ultimately will create a positive environment at home. Students during their exam times require a lot of support mentally and emotionally, as they need their own space to study and sometimes follow their own schedules to complete their revisions. In such situations parents should always be considerate and make sure their kids are eating well and getting adequate sleep. Instead of nagging them to study, be their support system because learning only takes place in favorable conditions.

During exam times keep family conversations pleasant and have some other things to discuss than studies. This will be a time out for your kids and they will look forward to relax with you. Keep the peer pressure from you and your children away. This is not the right time to pressurize kids by comparing their grades with someone you know. Ultimate result of this would be low self-esteem and students would feel pressurized to work just to please their parents and not for learning. Let your children realize that exams are also a process to learn and it is more than grades. Later in life grades don’t matter but what matter is the attributes you carry and your attitude towards different phases of life.

This time of the year is not only tough for students but also for parents because they want their kids to excel. As parents we hold high expectations from our children but it is also imperative for us to understand that a child’s mental health is much more important than the grades. Try and be empathetic towards your children that does not mean to leave them free and let them do what they want to but don’t push them hard. They are already going through high stress and anxiety levels. If your child is spending his/her whole day studying convince them to take some time outs, these few minutes will revitalize them.

Last but not the least have confidence in them and tell this to them. All they want is to be appreciated and have someone to tell them that yes You can do it!

We wish all The Academy students very best for their exams.

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